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Us. Winemakers in Borderlands

At the far North East of Italy, close to Venice and at short walk from Cividale del Friuli at the border with Austria and Slovenia, Altùris vines benefit of an unique microclimate. The Julian Alps protect them from the cold winds of North, while the breezes from Adriatic Sea smooth and mitigate the climate, offering the vineyards exceptional conditions to produce grand quality wines.

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The typical Character of Heights.

The beautiful hills of Friuli in our mother tongue are called “Altùris”: a geometry of reliefs engraved by vineyards. Exactly the place where Marco and Massimo Zorzettig, heirs of a historical family which has been a symbol of solid entrepreneurship in the wine world for three generations, founded Altùris. The winery is devoted to the creation of unique wines, capable to carry all scents and aromas of our territory grapes.

The hills of Altùris are the trademark of our wines,
along with the colour of earth and the grapes in the various seasons.


The Wines

Ribolla Gialla
Pinot Grigio
Traminer Aromatico
Müller Thurgau
Refosco dal p.r.
Pinot Nero
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Franc
Red Mùl
White Mùl
Pink Mùl

Birra Gjulia & Wine and Beer

Gjulia beer

The Brewers Association in Italy has just awarded our EST WEIZEN in the contest beer of the year 2014 the third place among the best italian craft beers! Discover Gjulia brewery, learn where you can find your perfect beer, come and see how a real farming craft ale is made.


Wine & Beer

Located at the gates of Cividale, in Strada Braide road n.21. A perfect place to pair the best friulian craft beer with the perfect food to enhance it: from paccheri pasta with sardines, to prawns and asparagus risottos till a delicious chick peas soups and many other tasty dishes.