White Mùl

PRODUCTION ZONE: Plains and hills close to Cividale del Friuli (NE Italy)
VARIETAL: Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon
GROWING SYSTEM: Guyot and Friuli single inverted
WINEMAKING: After harvesting the grapes are processed separately. Once a slight over ripeness on the vines is reached, the Chardonnay is gently pressed to obtain the must followed by a cold static decantation. Fermentation and aging take place “sur lies” in glass-lined cement tanks under controlled temperature. Differently, the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are gently desteemed before crushing.
The must thus obtained is left to ferment with the skins at controlled temperature with frequent pumping over. After racking off, aging takes place in 500 litre oak barrels. After blending them together, the wine is bottled and released after one year and a half after the harvest.
ALCOHOL: 13% vol. average
COLOUR: Bright copper.
TASTING NOTES: A delicate nose, with enticing notes of vanilla and ripe fruit. Sharp on the palate, it is intriguing and complex. Pleasant and tasty, bearing the right acidity that makes this an unusually remarkable wine.
SUGGESTED PAIRING: Perfect when combined with hearty main courses, avorful sh, white meat and fried dishes.


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