Cabernet Franc

PRODUCTION ZONE: Plains and hills close to Cividale del Friuli (NE Italy)
VARIETAL: Cabernet Franc
GROWING SYSTEM: Guyot and Friuli single inverted
WINEMAKING: The grapes are gently desteemed before crushing. The must thus obtained is left to ferment together with the skins at controlled temperature with frequent pumping over in order to extract color and flavour. After racking, aging takes place in glass-lined cement tanks.
ALCOHOL: 13% vol. average
COLOUR: Intense ruby red with purple reflections.
TASTING NOTES: The characteristic herbaceous sensations accentuate the vinous fragance, recalling the grape-skins aroma just after crushing. Beautiful notes of red fruits over a sweet spicy background. Balanced and smooth with a good structure reflecting its typical aromas never overpowering the senses. SERVING TEMPERATURE: 16-18 ° C
SUGGESTED PAIRING: Pasta sauces made from duck, sausages and rich red meats. Matches well with game.


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